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Our Process

A building project is a huge commitment of money and time. (It makes buying a car look like nothing.) You want to make sure your money is well spent on those things that matter the most. And just as important, you want to make sure you can actually finish something you would be proud of and could even improve the quality of your life.

We don't like spending lots of time on making beautiful drawings and getting all sorts of approvals only to end up with a project that the client cannot afford. This is why all of our building projects first start with a feasibility study as standard. (The beautiful drawings and approvals come later.)

Our feasibility studies allow for design exploration of options. This is followed up by a general outline specification to get preliminary cost estimates. This "pre-costing" exercise helps to give an indicative real market pricing of the project BEFORE any submission to the local authorities.

Depending on how the costing comes in, a design scheme is agreed upon to move forward with. Then we let the beautiful drawings and approvals commence!

Upon approval of the drawings (Planning Permission, Building Control, etc), we then get the job priced again - but this time for real to sign up with a contractor.

When the job starts on site, we do site visits to make sure the work is properly done. And we stick around to completion and sign off.

To find out more, please feel free to book in a telephone consultation.


Our Company

Francis Hur Architecture (FHA) is a boutique London-based architecture practice known for their designs which celebrate the human experience. We help property owners with problem properties unlock their potential value and improve their quality of life through our step-by-step feasibility process.


Established by Francis Hur in 2010, we are driven by the belief that architecture is first and foremost about the human experience. Substance first, style second. For us, the things that matter most are the social elements of what good architecture can do. Good architecture for us is about people - helping us become our better selves, helping us better relate to others.

Our People

Francis Hur is the director of Francis Hur Architecture Ltd (FHA). He is American qualified and has over 20 years experience in the architectural profession. He currently specialises in development projects with valuations ranging from £500k to £5 million.

Francis is originally from New York, but now resides full time in London (Islington). He has a wealth of international experience gained from working in the UK (London), the US (New York) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) which he uses to bring the best from all worlds.

For examples of projects Francis has worked on in the past, please see his profile on LinkedIn.

In 2000, Francis was awarded the Robert S. Brown Travelling Fellowship for his research on material life-forms in Malaysia entitled, "Local Delicacies". In 2007, he was selected as winner of the Schedium series for Emerging New York Architects.

Francis is professionally licensed and registered with New York State. He serves as an ongoing mentor for the AIA UK Student Design Charrette and has served as a guest reviewer for various architecture schools in the UK.

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