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Legal Notice

Copyright Francis Hur Architecture 2023. All rights reserved.

The content found under the address is protected under international copyright laws and may under no circumstances be captured, processed or manually stored on storage devices or film other than for viewing as a web page. Any use or reproduction of materials of Francis Hur Architecture for printing, publications and presentation is illegal without prior written permission of the author.

Every effort has been made to trace and acknowledge the copyright holders of supporting material. Where these efforts have not been successful, copyright owners are requested to contact Francis Hur Architecture so that their copyright can be acknowledged and/or removed from this website. We are grateful to those copyright owners who have given permission for their material to be used. Some of the material comes from secondary and tertiary sources. We have tried to locate the original author/photographer/artist and make the appropriate acknowledgement. In some cases the sources have proved obscure and we have been unable to track them down. In these cases, we would like to hear from the copyright owners and will be pleased to acknowledge them or remove the material.

For enquiries please contact us at

Registered company in the UK as Francis Hur Architecture Ltd

Company number: 08672752

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