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Chiswick House - finished photos

Given how long we have been helping homeowners, (we stopped counting after 20 years,) it was inevitable that a project we worked on a while back was recently sold, after years of enjoyment by our clients.

There is one tangible thing that has come from this. (Besides of course, the uplift in value and equity gains our clients got on the sale of their home.) It is that one thing we struggle to make time for...

Finished photos! (Not to understate the financial benefits of a good sale price...)

During construction, we take lots of photos on our site visits. All those critical things that happen behind the walls that need to be checked and documented. And that continues up to the day of final inspection with the Building Control Officer to get the Completion Certificate. The photos taken on that day are okay... but never quite 'finished-finished'. We keep saying to ourselves we must return to take some nice photos after the owners have moved back in and settled. But work and life take priority and we hardly get around to it.

So it was a pleasure to hear back from one of our old clients, catch up with them and see the photos from their recent sale. See below:

Perhaps a good time to update the old Instagram account too. Another thing we are terrible at keeping up with.

We hope the new homeowners enjoy their new space!


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