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Green roof installation video

Here is one from the old archives -

We were doing a long overdue digital clean up and came across this. Gosh, ten years ago.

We've done a number of green roofs since then. No biggie for us really. As you can see from the video.

But you wanna know what is really sexy?


Don't even think of doing a green roof unless you are completely confident your roofing is watertight. It is one of the many unglamorous but essential parts of the job. Nobody notices what a wonderful roofing job you've had done... until it goes wrong.

We like to specify membrane roofing with heat welded seams. In particular because we can see the bleed out of the melted ooze at the seams. A continuous ooze at all the joins = a roof we are happy with.

There's some other boring but important stuff too, like coordinating with the Structural Engineer, etc.

Here's a photo our clients sent us a couple of months later after the green roof settled in -

Makes it all worthwhile?



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