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NW1 House - rear garden extension planning granted

We are happy to report we have obtained planning permission from Camden for the reconfiguration of a rear garden and ground floor on our client's house in NW1.

It is not a conventional solution and not one we would apply in many cases. To be honest, we doubt this would get permission in most other situations (nor should it). But we made the case that due to

- the need for better accessibility,

- with the relative small footprint of the building,

- and factoring in the highly urban zone 1 setting it is in,

that a flexible view should be taken with regard to its 'garden setting', and that our proposal should be granted. We are pleased that Camden have agreed with us.

For prospective clients and general readers - please do NOT go around thinking just because we got permission for this kind of design solution, that anyone can do a similar scheme on their property. This is a very unique case. As I am sure your property and your situation also has elements and circumstances which are unique to itself and only itself. If you took our design solution here and plonked it in a more greener part of Camden with larger gardens, it would not be the same and probably would not have received planning.

If you would like us to understand the uniqueness of your property and to help you extract its hidden potential, please feel free to contact us.



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